Accelerating sales

Highland Marketing knows that accelerating sales means connecting with people who make decisions about your products and services.

Market research and targeting

We’re experienced in sifting and sorting data to develop meaningful contact profiles and a reachable target audience.

Contact development

Our sales acceleration team is skilled at identifying and reaching relevant contacts at all levels in your target audience.


We support you to identify and manage a partnership network that helps build brand awareness and drive sales.

Lead generation

We have a proven, programmatic approach to building awareness and generating interest for your products and services.

Appointment setting

We help you make one-to-one contact with qualified leads.

Highland Marketing hit the target; or very nearly. They promised five appointments by Christmas and we got them in mid-January. Highland Marketing was the first marketing company that was clear to me about costs, timescales and outcomes.
Fenner Pearson
Fenner Pearson
Managing Director, Meantime