Crisis, what crisis?
When things go wrong, Highland Marketing provides the
communications strategy to get you back on track.
Building a
healthy reputation
Highland Marketing provides communications services
fit for purpose in uncertain times.
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Highland Marketing clients set the agenda in broadcast news.
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Can tech help achieve
NHS net zero?
Susan Venables, co-founder and client services director at
Highland Marketing reviews the NHS target for net zero.
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what’s happening?
Highland Marketing’s expert team brings you
the latest from health tech and beyond.

Tech communications for health:

Driven by expertise and experience, we build healthy reputations.

Understanding market drivers, policy and influencers.

Creating campaigns that position you as the ideal partner.

Crafting content that proves the value of your products and services.

Connecting with people who make decisions about your products and services.

Our work

Case study
How one medical imaging company projected its message to the NHS
Services provided: advisory, content creation, marketing, media management, media placement, PR, proactive press office, strategy, thought leadership, video, webinar support
Case study
How Alcidion found its market in the UK for a new kind of health tech
Services provided: advisory, media management, messaging, PR, thought leadership, webinar support
Case study
Digital plans for end of life and urgent care: How NHS Coordinate My Care reached out to the public
Services provided: content creation, media management, messaging, proactive press office, video
Case study
Talking PR with Katy Brooks from Orion Health
Services provided: content creation, media management, PR, proactive press office