Top 5 SEO strategy tips for health tech companies in the UK

Top 5 SEO strategy tips for health tech companies in the UK

In the competitive health tech industry in the UK, having a strong online presence is vital for reaching a wider audience and staying ahead of the competition. Search engine optimisation (SEO) plays a crucial role in driving organic traffic to your website and increasing visibility on search engines. In this article, we will explore the […]

Crisis, what crisis? When things go wrong, good communications can get you back on track

When things go wrong, keeping quiet isn’t an option. What you say, and how you say it, are the key to safeguarding your reputation. In this blog, Highland Marketing’s co-founder, Mark Venables, looks at communicating in a crisis. Crisis? What crisis? The thing with crises is that they’re sudden, unexpected, and not under your control. […]

Is health tech boring? Not with the right communications…

Highland Marketing co-founders Mark and Susan Venables have been working with health tech for a long time. Recently, they’ve seen signs that there’s a growing perception that this is a sector with limited appeal; something the right communications approaches can help to dispel.     Is healthcare boring? Is technology dull? If you put them together, […]

Health tech comms for tough, competitive times

The NHS is emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic with limited resources to meet the huge pressure it is under. That’s focusing attention on national targets and upping the stakes for health tech companies with digital solutions to help deliver on them. At times like this, effective sales, marketing and PR campaigns are essential. Highland Marketing […]

Health tech comms: fit for 2022

The UK and its health and care services are working through another period of uncertainty. But when the omicron wave of Covid-19 has passed health tech suppliers can expect a ‘more normal’ 2022. So, they should be thinking now about how their marketing and PR communications can make them ready for whatever’s coming, say Highland Marketing founders Mark and Susan […]

Cop26 shows it’s time for health tech to act on climate change

The NHS has already made a commitment to become the first net zero health and care system in the world. It’s time for digital health vendors to think about their role – and to be ready to talk about how they are tackling global heating, says Susan Venables, co-founder and client services director at Highland […]

Take me back to the ocean

After missing a year because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Moore Barlow Silicon Cup Regatta is back. Co-founder and chief executive Mark Venables explains why Highland Marketing is involved and will be taking a boat out this September. Q: The Moore Barlow Silicon Cup Regatta is back! Tell us all about it: Mark: The Moore […]

Reset your communications for the post-Covid era

The coronavirus pandemic is abating in the UK, and the NHS is looking to reset for the post-Covid era. Health tech suppliers should be looking to do the same, says Susan Venables, client services director at Highland Marketing. I have been thinking about the way that health tech companies are perceived and the process that […]

Six tips for health tech sales and communications in 2021

Nobody can predict how the coming year will pan out, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage. But in healthcare, technology and business things change all the time. Mark and Susan Venables, the co-founders of Highland Marketing, argue that to succeed in an uncertain environment NHS IT companies need a flexible plan that will keep […]

Health tech communications in the second wave of Covid-19 – and beyond

The arrival of the novel coronavirus was shocking, but it had a positive impact on the uptake of technology in the NHS. Now, as the health service prepares to ‘reset’, that positive impact is still being felt, but the market has become more complex. Susan Venables, founder and client services director at Highland Marketing, reflects […]

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