Magic of the moving image

Moving pictures must rank among the most powerful of human inventions. Ever since the first flickering days of the silent movie, audiences have been transfixed. The talkies and TV brought a whole new revolution, and with it a recognition that sound + vision = business opportunity. They provide an unparalleled chance to bring products, people and services to the attention of vast numbers of people. Now the revolution is moving on. It’s sweeping the internet and infiltrating every mobile phone in the land.

Look online. Companies of every kind have embraced video. There are adverts, profiles, interviews, testimonials, demonstrations, webinars and more. The scope is incredible as they get increasingly good at harnessing the wondrous properties of video to engage with customers. In many areas its use has past the tipping point, shifting from the exception to the norm. Video is on ever-more websites and is even being embedded in press releases.

There’s an increasing awareness among companies that video is vital. Sometimes the realisation comes with a jolt – seeing how effectively competitors are using well-produced films to win customer enquiries and attract visitors to their websites. Video is becoming increasingly affordable and it’s well worth the investment. A short film can be hugely persuasive. Faced by two alternative products, the one which is supported by a video showing it being used by a satisfied customer has the edge.

The value of video is not simply that it makes TV-style advertising available to all. It goes far further. A TV ad only works if the potential customer is watching the right channel at the right time. Magazine and newspaper adverts are great because they have a long shelf life, but readerships are declining and there is only so much you can do with a static image. Web-based video promotion combines the best of both. It’s dynamic, durable, flexible and personal. All the magic of the moving image but available on demand and can be watched time after time after time.

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