Make the most of six plus one.

NHS England is urging the NHS to focus on ‘6+1’ digital priorities and a handful of health tech ‘must dos’. 

Use our specialist team to get in front of the people who need to deliver on them. 

Recognise the opportunity

The digital health agenda is huge and the NHS is under pressure. To make progress, integrated care systems and trusts must focus. In its recent ‘6+1’ letter, NHS England told them to focus on smart system control, electronic bed and capacity management, digitised records and workflow, optimised waiting lists, dynamic discharge, AI diagnostic support, and patient portals.

To that list, we’d add the shared care records, virtual wards, and digital outpatient platforms that feature in operational and winter planning guidance. If you have ideas, services and products in those areas, you need to make the most of this national focus and the funding that comes with it.

Amplify your six plus one (plus) message

To make the right impact with integrated care systems and trusts, you’ll need to align your messaging, marketing, PR, and sales efforts. Highland Marketing is an integrated agency that specialises in health-tech and med-health and can deliver the expert advice you need to do it. We can help you with:

You’ll be in good company

Book a 6+1 or a focused campaign with us and you’ll be joining clients from across digital health. We’ve been working in this market for two decades, so we’re the ideal partner to position you – and to do it well. 

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