Highland Marketing works with Sentient Health to build UK profile

Sentient Health – international leaders in healthcare supply chain management – has taken on Highland Marketing – an innovative UK marketing agency to healthcare it companies – to develop an energetic new approach to winning UK customers.

A dynamic, easy-to-navigate website has been set up at www.sentienthealth.co.uk to show potential customers the savings they can make by working with the company.

Best-known in the UK for its widely-respected MedTrac hospital supply chain solution, the company also provides Evidence Based Savings Assessments (EBSas) which are a quick and effective way to save money.

Joel Haspel, Sentient Health CEO, said: “The website is a huge step forward as it really reflects the character of our business, which is a truly innovative driver of healthcare efficiency.”

“Unlike many industry websites it is genuinely customer-focused, showing potential clients how much we can help them. And it’s certainly effective.”

“We have worldwide experience but are relatively new in the UK market but we are already increasing our presence.”

“Highland Marketing is doing an excellent job of building awareness, with our target audience, that an EBSa can lead to substantial savings by giving them better control of their stock levels and cutting out the waste.”

Sentient Health is so committed to identifying savings that if an EBSa doesn’t pinpoint any it won’t charge for the cost of the assessment.

Susan Venables, director of Highland Marketing, said: “Sentient Health has excellent products and services and there are many healthcare providers which could benefit enormously from the savings and efficiencies it can provide.”

“Before we started working with Sentient, the message just wasn’t reaching customers. So we have helped Sentient Health to tackle this thanks to our unrivalled knowledge of UK healthcare.”

“With a new website to support a streamlined marketing and communications campaign, including extensive media coverage, we have been highly successful in raising the company’s profile.”

“Our ultimate aim is to help build Sentient Health into one of the industry’s best-known names.”

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