Highland Marketing appointed to help build awareness of Future Labs Group

Innovations will help hospitals get the best from the latest computer technology

Future Labs Group, an exciting innovator in the healthcare technology market, has appointed Highland Marketing to help in its drive to transform the use of mobile technology. The company is currently developing new methods and ancillary devices to increase the ways in which iPads, and other tablet or slate computers, can be used by clinicians in hospital settings – where hygiene, ruggedness and instant access to patient data are essential.

Future Labs has a portfolio of products under development, which are designed by experts with many years of health service experience, to ensure that healthcare providers can make the best possible use of the revolution in mobile technology. Highland Marketing will develop the branding and provide the marketing and PR services that are needed to make customers aware of the benefits which Future Labs can offer.

What’s especially exciting is that Future Labs products will be invaluable in clinical settings across the world. They also have many potential uses beyond the health sector. Indeed, the London-based company is busily establishing a presence in the USA and Ireland.

Mike Casey, CEO, said: “Tablet computers have the potential to bring faster, better, safer patient services in the NHS and health services round the world. My aim is to provide the products and services that will unleash their revolutionary potential.

“Years of working in the NHS and in major technology corporations convinced me of how much could be achieved if clinicians could use tablet computers to access, record and share any information they needed at any time and in every setting. This is what exactly what Future Labs has been established to do.”

Future Labs is already known for its work in helping NHS hospitals to maximise their innovation and talent. This can involve anything from turnaround projects to stabilise a trust, to 3-5 year strategic planning.

Mike has wide experience, having been responsible for managing projects of up to £200m. He is also noted for his ability to help cut costs; his last NHS turnaround saved £14m. Mike was previously an IT manager at Hewlett-Packard Healthcare and then became IT director for HP Computer Group. He was also responsible for the entire IT spend across five NHS hospitals which was part of a £140m PFI new build. In addition to this, Mike was chairman of IT Acute Directors for the East of England, nominated ICT champion in the 2009 EHI awards and remains the only ‘Turnaround IT director’ to have won “Manager of the Year” in a NHS Hospital.

Mark Venables, Highland Marketing CEO, said: “Future Labs is clearly an up-and-coming business with the ideas, expertise, products and business skills to make a real difference in the world of healthcare. It’s great to have the opportunity to help raise awareness of everything it has to offer and to be part of what I believe, could be a big British success story.”

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