UK healthcare blog round-up

There are roughly two million different opinions on how to run the NHS, and there are some fascinating healthcare blogs to add to the debate. Here are a selection of some of those that are worth a look.

BMJ blogs are a must-read, with lots of interesting comment on healthcare topics. The NHS Confederation blog sees leaders from across the healthcare sector discuss the issues facing the NHS.

Jonathon Tomlinson, an NHS GP working in Hackney, London, gives his insight on health policy through a frontline lens in the healthcare blog A Better NHS.

More frontline views can be had from the professional blogs as well as the Guardian Healthcare Network. The Health Service Journal has some excellent comment, and also lists other blogs that you may want to review.  The BMA blog has some worthwhile content also.

The think tanks can have some great content for the long train journey home. Look out for comment from the The King’s Fund, the Nuffield Trust, and the Health Foundation.

Similar brain busters can be had from Deloitte and PwC UK, and helpfully these cover both health and social care. The government’s public health matters blog is worth a look if you want to look outside the NHS bubble.

NHS England healthcare blogs share some views from some of the leading figures from ‘the centre’. Members of the NHS England’s Graduate Management Training Scheme write about Health Informatics Management experiences. Don’t expect anything scathing and cynical though.

And there is plenty of comment and views to be found from columnists and correspondents from across the national media, including the BBC, Channel 4, The Times, the Guardian and The Telegraph, to name just a few.

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