Specialist healthcare technology marketing and PR services

Are your communications plans in shape to respond to Covid-19 and beyond?

Do you have the right marketing and PR mix to support your business through challenging times? Is your online presence and social media ready to support the NHS pivot to digital when the crisis is over? Highland Marketing can help.

The novel coronavirus poses a challenge to health tech suppliers. The NHS response to the pandemic has created a new level of interest in digital communications and in systems that can help to identify, treat and track patients with Covid-19.

Yet some vendors have lost a key route to market with the cancellation of shows and the restrictions on site-visits imposed by the government’s “stay at home” order. While others are finding their solutions are not top of mind; or are being made to feel that marketing and PR activity is not appropriate at such a challenging time.

Communications in challenging times

This is a vital issue for business. Research shows that businesses that maintain marketing and PR activity during an economic downturn are in better shape than their competitors when the economy picks up.

So, there is every reason to think that health tech vendors that maintain marketing and PR activity now will be well placed to respond to the opportunities that will be created by the NHS’ pivot to digital when the crisis is over.

The trick is to make sure that your business is making the most of the communications routes that are still open to it, and that you have the right mix of marketing and PR activity in place to protect your brand and promote your ideas and solutions at the right moment.

At Highland Marketing, we can help

Highland Marketing has 20 years’ experience of helping to promote UK and international health technology businesses through successful, cost-effective, integrated marketing, communications and PR campaigns.

Our team members have vast collective experience of the NHS, the health tech sector, and communications approaches. And you don’t have to take our word for it: in our most recent survey, our clients gave us an ‘exceptional’ net promoter score of +72.

We can help you assess what sort of shape your communications strategies are in. Would you benefit from a website review or updated content? Are ready to make the most of webinars and online events and to extend their reach to key audiences?

Or, we can help you to evaluate your reputation with the media and influencers. Could you raise your profile by putting forward your leaders as opinion leaders? Do you have relevant customer stories that the media would like to run: and potential clients to hear?

At Highland Marketing, we have expertise in:

  • online and digital presence
    helping you to run an effective website and engaging digital communications
  • public relations
    helping you to communicate with key audiences, including opinion formers and your customers
  • marketing communications
    helping you to promote your business through creative, effective content
  • media relations
    helping you to get your messages and stories to the important publications and influential broadcasters
  • social media
    helping you to raise your business’ profile on digital channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn
  • crisis communications and reputation management
    helping you to maintain and manage the credibility and reputation of your business.
  • event support
    helping you to extend the reach and life of webinars, digital meetings and events’
Specialist healthcare technology marketing and PR services
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To learn more about how the coronavirus is changing the NHS’ appetite for health tech, and what that means for marketing and PR, read our blog by co-founder and client services director Susan Venables. Or, visit our website or follow us on Twitter @HighlandMarktng.
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