Exercising the suppliers’ view

Last week the NHS listening exercise drew to a close after almost two months of attempting to engage with healthcare professionals and patient groups over the latest round of NHS reforms. With more than 15,000 website responses and 720 letters received, the exercise has attracted a significant amount of interest to say the least. But […]

NPfIT – A storm in a teacup?

This week healthcare IT has hit the headlines not only in the trade publications we all know and love but also on a national scale across the world. The media frenzy around the National Programme for IT in the NHS over the past ten days is perhaps a symbol that now many, many people realise […]


Another year on at WoHIT!

Another year and another ‘action plan’ from the European Commission opened this year’s World of Health IT in Budapest, Hungary. Although the EC has clearly stated its aims for European eHealth before, including the target for fully interoperable electronic health records for all by 2015, at last year’s WoHIT there seemed to be a little […]


Money matters in selling stories to the media

Money matters in journalism – by that I mean financial figures such as contract values. Many years spent writing on business for magazines and newspapers dramatically reinforced the point that a story with sterling signs has more chance of getting published than one without. Money facts give a sense of scale and add interest. Which […]


Don’t miss the boat!

The traditional wisdoms about the benefits of investing in marketing during tough times are proving true once again. Talking to people across the healthcare IT spectrum it’s clear that those who have maintained a high profile with potential customers are doing the best. They are also well-placed to take advantage of the opportunities being brought […]


What does your website say about you?

I was about to order from a website on Sunday when I noticed that the last news update was 2009 – same with the blog. It wasn’t anyone I’d done business with before, and I suddenly felt doubts. Perhaps they had gone bust, or just weren’t much good. Far easier to shop elsewhere. That meant […]


Tailoring healthcare for the patient

For some years I’ve been hoping to see a fundamental IT-enabled convergence between different areas of healthcare – allowing service providers and patients to genuinely be partners in care. Healthcare Innovation Expo 2011 made me confident that far-reaching change is underway. One reason is the sheer range of interests that now come together at these […]

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