Dariusz’s career in PR and marketing has proven his skills in delivering results for B2B and B2C clients across several sectors. He has achieved a wide spectrum of media coverage and his creativity and passion for PR has helped him develop a large network of media relations.

Healthcare technology is at the heart of his interests. Driven by the possibilities of new technology, Dariusz is a committed member of the Highland Marketing team, working to position clients in the market, so that they can help make the NHS stronger and more efficient. Dariusz enjoys creating strategies for various clients in order to raise awareness of their products and services, and their customer success stories.

Dariusz graduated from Cardiff University with an MA in International Journalism. He has also studied in the United States and completed his school education in his home country – Poland.

“With my journalistic university background and passion for PR, I always try to do my best to think outside the box, use as much creativity as possible and, through skilled communication and the right media, achieve strong results for clients, helping them gain the recognition they deserve in the market.”
A little bit about Dariusz:
  • Continuously polishing his linguistic skills through learning and analysing various languages, Dariusz is able to communicate in his native Polish, as well as in English, German, French and Spanish. He is able to say “hello” in approximately 50 languages
  • Passionate about genealogy, through a long time-consuming process of digging in his family history, Dariusz has learned a lot about his ancestors, even the ones who lived more than 300 years ago
  • He loves travelling, eating quality food, socialising and meeting new people from around the world

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