Becky joined Highland Marketing with more than 10 years’ experience working in the healthcare technology landscape, raising awareness in the UK for ground-breaking medical IT developments and research. Being a creative strategic marketing manager, her experience ranges from working with start-up and long established healthcare technology companies. With a detailed understanding of how to position the benefits of technology to the NHS, Becky is able to make sense of complex ideas, see the big picture and create innovative strategies to help build awareness and engagement. This has been proven through her demonstrable track record of developing communication initiatives to differentiate and position company brands and solutions to improve both internal and external awareness in order to strengthen stakeholder following and loyalty. A big believer in the role and benefits that marketing and PR can play in educating, changing perspectives and behaviour, she focuses on building compelling, authentic stories, which place the human aspect at the core to make messaging and content relatable and impactful.

“Working with game changing technology is certainly inspirational, especially when seeing the impact that it can have on patient care as well as aiding NHS staff in the delivery of their role. Technology is now evolving more rapidly than ever to respond to real frontline demands and help improve care across populations. Being part of the Highland Marketing team provides me with the opportunity to promote a strong variety of game changing technologies now needed by the NHS. I love to help people tell their story and ultimately propel technology to the stage it deserves in order to help make a difference.”
A little about Becky
  • It’s no surprise that health is a key passion of Becky’s. She plays hockey and to ensure she has the stamina to last a full game she hits the gym for circuit, strengthening and HIIT workouts. All this exercise means Yoga is now part of her routine in order to prevent injury. (This makes it sounds like she’s a serious hockey player when actually it is just a hobby, any childhood ambitions of the Olympics are long gone but one can still dream).
  • Becky recently discovered a passion for being on the sea having spent eight weeks on a catamaran sailing the Mediterranean.
  • You will often find her sharing information on mental and physical health, education, new technology, ocean causes, the future of work and anything that makes her laugh (which is most things).
  • Possibilities and bold ideas excite her and so she often supports inspiring individuals whose ideas can change the world and lives of others.
  • She believes in discovery based learning so seeks new experiences, the most recent of which was trying out curling (needs more practice).
  • Other interests include reading, photography, films and comedy.

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