AbedGraham Highland Marketing partnership A partnership to boost clinical engagement and accelerate health IT adoption
“We share a strong belief in technology playing a central role in transforming health services and we want to see every healthcare provider benefit from advancements in digital innovation”

Highland Marketing develops and delivers targeted, high impact PR, marketing and communications programmes specifically to help organisations in the healthcare and technology sector. With a well proven and demonstrable track record of working with a range of clients, we have detailed, specialist knowledge of the healthcare marketplace.

Having an extensive network in healthcare is core to achieving success for our clients and our team consists of some of the best in the business, including seasoned marketers, PR experts, ex journalists and NHS and c-suite personnel.

Partnering with AbedGraham expands our team’s expertise to new clinical areas, allowing us to provide clients with an important perspective and understanding of healthcare policy, cyber security and clinical safety. This helps to ensure their technologies are aligned to market and customer needs.

Our mission is to:

  • help vendors achieve widespread adoption and diffusion of their technology;
  • help vendors harness/deliver their technologies to meet the requirements of healthcare providers;
  • help communicate and educate on the benefits that technology can deliver at a time of rising healthcare pressures.

We combine clinical, operational and policy based consultancy with proven communications and marketing acceleration skills and services. This enables healthcare technology vendors to capture market share and unlock funding.

We provide vendors with the ability to win healthcare customers by helping them to align their technologies against healthcare provider requirements. In addition, we effectively support the sale and subsequent deployment of their solutions, at scale and at pace.

Vendors tend to face the following challenges when operating in healthcare:

  • the need for a detailed understanding of healthcare providers and their requirements;
  • a limited understanding of the clinical language;
  • and choosing and making effective use of the right channels to communicate.

Together, AbedGraham and Highland Marketing can support organisations ranging from large, global technology providers through to innovative small to medium sized enterprises, to navigate these barriers.

Delivering these services is about more than only allowing vendors to raise revenue, but is a means to communicate the benefits of their technology and ultimately help healthcare providers respond to rising pressures and limited resources.

It does this through the provision of:

  • clinical and policy understanding – market knowledge
  • clinical voice – a direct contribution to your team to foster clinical engagement
  • insight to tackling emerging information governance and cyber security threats in healthcare
  • market research – to ensure clarity and knowledge
  • product development and clinical safety accreditation
  • strategy and business case creation
  • benefits realisation reports – to provide proof and evidence of results and value of deployments
  • bespoke communications campaigns
  • crafting compelling stories to generate market education and awareness
  • media relations – to generate external authority and credibility and relevance to the market
  • stakeholder engagement – ensuring the right individuals and organisations are being targeted (whether decision makers or influencers)
  • sales acceleration – to help generate opportunities and leads.

AbedGraham is an exclusively clinically-based, healthcare IT consultancy, providing strategic and operational advisory services to support market research, strategy development, sales engagement, project management and risk compliance.

These services support our clients to engage clinical leaders and C-level executives, unlock funding for major IT investments and respond to the evolving expectations of their target markets and customers. We achieve this through our experience and knowledge as frontline clinicians, policy analysts and technology strategists.

Our partnership with Highland Marketing expands on our expertise and helps clients to raise awareness and educate the market through high impact communications programmes. By promoting the benefits and achievements of technology deployments, this supports adoption and take up across target customers and prospects.

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